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Braces can have a huge impact on the self-esteem and sometimes even mental health of patients. This is especially true of young patients, such as teenagers and young adults.

While braces are an important medical procedure that need to be undertaken to prevent health issues later in life, a caring and thoughtful orthodontist will make the process less intimidating.

In previous decades, Orthodontics was a ‘one size fits all’ service. Today, there are a plethora of options for patients. The skilled team at Tony Weir Orthodontics can create a unique and tailored solution for you. No two smiles are the same, and neither should treatments be. We take into account your orthodontic needs, your lifestyle, as well as your feelings regarding aesthetics.

Tony Weir Orthodontics take patient lifestyle; such as extra-curricular activities and interests, thoughts and feelings on braces, as well as what is the best fit medically. We offer a wide range of solutions including braces, lingual braces, removable appliances, as well as elastics, or some combination of these.


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How the Treatment Works

Braces are a combination of brackets and wires attached to the front of your teeth. The brackets grip onto your teenager’s teeth while the wires are loosened or tightened to gradually move your teeth into the desired position.

If you’re looking for teenager braces in Brisbane, at Tony Weir Orthodontics we offer an alternative form of braces with tooth-coloured brackets, making them far less visible than the traditional metal type.

The length of your treatment will depend on how far your teeth need to be moved. In some cases it will only take a few months; others, a few years. We take into account such factors as the patient’s age and health, as older patients will require longer treatments due to their denser jawbones.

Tony Weir Orthodontics offers flexible appointment times, ideal for teenagers and parents with busy schedules. Our surgeries are open from 7:45 am to 5 pm as well as a half-day on Saturday.

Dental and orthodontic appointments can feel very rushed with a ‘down to business’ attitude. Tony Weir Orthodontics are proud to say this is not the case in our surgery. At your appointment, you will meet with a caring professional that listens to you. This is especially important for our teenage patients. Adolescent patients are keenly aware of their treatment and are encouraged to ask questions, share information relating to their treatment, and how they are feeling throughout the process. Similarly, adolescent patients are responsible for their oral care, not their parents.

When it comes to adolescent orthodontics Tony Weir Orthodontics are Brisbane’s premier choice.

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