• Our Easy Guide to Cleaning Your Teeth with Braces

    Braces can achieve amazing results in straightening and realigning your teeth, but it’s important to look after both your teeth and your braces throughout the entire treatment. When you’re going through the discomfort and expense of wearing braces for a length of time, the last thing you want is to cause tooth decay, gum disease or tooth staining from improper oral care. Below, we list some top tips on how to look after your teeth with braces.

    a woman smiles wearing braces while she holds up dental cleaning tools

    Get the Right Brush

    When you’re wearing a brace with brackets, wires and sometimes elastics, there are a lot of additional places for food particles to become trapped in your mouth and risk causing a build-up of bacteria. In order to clean these small surfaces and harder to reach areas, you should choose a brush with a smaller head. Try the Oral B ‘Ortho’ manual toothbrush or ‘Ortho’ head for electric toothbrushes which are specially designed to clean around braces.

    Be Gentle

    It can be tempting to be more enthusiastic with your tooth brushing when cleaning around a brace as you’re worried about getting rid of any debris, but be careful not to aggravate gums that could be sore from recent orthodontic treatment or brace adjustment. Choose a toothbrush with soft nylon bristles and brush thoroughly but gently, covering all four quadrants of your mouth in turn.

    Use a Floss Threader

    Trying to floss teeth under braces isn’t easy, but you can simplify the process by using an orthodontic floss threader. This is a thin piece of flexible plastic that you can thread like a needle to get floss onto the other side of teeth. Floss picks are another tool that can make flossing easier with braces – these have a short section of floss held between two prongs that you can use with one hand to get between the brace brackets.

    Kill Bacteria with Mouthwash

    If you’re worried that you can no longer reach every part of your mouth with a toothbrush or floss now that you have a brace , then make sure to use mouthwash as part of your oral care routine. Mouthwashes such as Colgate Advanced Pro-Shield have antibacterial properties to kill 99% of germs on contact, reduce the build-up of plaque and help to prevent gingivitis. On top of this the mouthwash will leave you with fresh breath and 12 hours of protection against germs – what more could you want!

    For more advice on cleaning your teeth with braces from the team of ortho-experts at Tony Weir Orthodontics, call us now on 07 3054 6767 or visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch.

  • Advantages of Having Straight Teeth

    Thinking about getting braces? The team at Tony Weir has collated a list of very valid reasons why straight teeth matter and the benefits that come with a beautiful smile.

    happy smiling girl with braces

    Health Benefits Associated With Straight Teeth

    When your teeth are misaligned, food particles can lodge between your teeth resulting in an increased chance of plaque build-up. This translates into a snowball effect because the more food build-up, the more plaque; therefore, the more concern for periodontal disease and gum disease.

    An improper bite also means you can’t chew food properly, which can lead to gastrointestinal problems. Since your oral and body health is connected, it is imperative to correct any oral conditions or irregularities to avoid serious health problems from occurring. If your teeth remain misaligned, this can pose a risk to your overall health.

    Again, a trickle-down effect takes place. Gum disease is a common issue faced by those with misaligned teeth as a result of plaque build-up which leads to tooth decay and erosion. Gum disease causes inflammation of the gums which, in severe cases, can lead to serious systemic health issues such as heart disease and diabetes.

    Remember, inflammation is not your friend and should be avoided at all costs. Deciding to correct your misaligned teeth can most certainly keep your teeth looking aesthetically pleasing as well as keeping your overall health in check.

    Straight Teeth To Enhance Your Appearance

    Thanks to advances in dental technology, braces have evolved considerably over the past 15 years. The days of referring to people wearing braces as “metal mouth” are done and dusted. More lightweight and cosmetically friendly options are now available and widely used as the preferred choice for orthodontic treatment. These include:

    Invisible braces: At Tony Weir Orthodontics, we make sure that the shape will be ideal to your case in order to get the results you want. As an option, instead of the metal brackets used on conventional braces, we use tooth coloured brackets which are virtually invisible and very difficult to detect.

    The length of the treatment will depend on how far the teeth need to be moved. Some treatments can take a few months while there are other cases that may need longer treatment.

    Invisalign – the clear alternative to braces: Patients wear a series of clear, removable orthodontic aligners that are adjusted as the teeth shift into place without metal or wires.

    The best part, Invisalign is virtually invisible! However, unlike braces, these clear aligners can be removed while you eat and brush your teeth as usual.

    The course of treatment involves changing aligners approximately every two weeks, progressively moving your teeth into straighter position until the desired result is achieved—a beautiful straight smile.

    Cosmetic Benefits for Teens and Professionals

    Invisalign and invisible braces have become very popular alternatives to metal braces among adults and also teens.

    For adults, they can make a great difference not only to their personal but also their professional lives, and with new technology such as Invisalign, young professionals now have the option to remove their ‘braces’ at any given time, should they need to for a special meeting, dinner date etc.

    Which Orthodontic Option is Best For You?

    Everyone is unique, and so are your teeth and although one option may be suited to one person it may not suit another. That is why it is imperative to have your mouth professionally examined.

    Here at Tony Weir Orthodontics in Greenslopes and Corinda we will conduct a full mouth examination, complete with x-rays to assess your mouth and determine the best orthodontic treatment plan for you.

    Our dentist will work closely with you to ensure you are comfortable and confident with the various options available so you can make the best decision for you.

    It’s Never Too Late To Get Braces

    Both children and adults alike can benefit from braces treatment. For children, it is recommended to start treatment when they have all their permanent teeth, usually by the age of 7 or 8.

    Although more time is needed for adults to get the final results, you will see that the final result of the treatment will be just as effective.

    Find out more about our treatments. Contact us via email or call 07 3278 1492 to schedule an appointment with Dr Tony Weir.

  • Why Teens May Need Adult Braces

    Did you have braces as a teenager but have found that your smile has lost some of its straightness over the years? Many adults don’t realise that neglecting to wear their removable retainers could be one of the most common reasons they require braces later in life.

    a teenager holding clear removable Invisalign aligners

    For some adults, a second round of braces will be required to address teeth that have shifted back and become misaligned. Braces may also be required later in life to address issues with your bite, which can have an effect on your whole body. Read on to find out more about the reasons why you many need adult braces.

    Wear Your Retainer after Braces for Best Results

    If you’ve been through the experience of braces, you’ll want to hold onto that new smile. After all, a lot of time, care, and money go into aligning your teeth.

    It’s vital that you continue to follow your orthodontist’s advice and plan, even after you’ve had your braces removed. To keep your teeth from shifting back and continue correcting your bite, you must keep wearing devices such as plates and retainers , as advised by your orthodontist.

    Correct Your Bite with Adult Braces

    Many people believe that braces and other orthodontic treatments are only about appearances and therefore opt to skip them.

    However, orthodontic treatment doesn’t just improve the aesthetics of your smile – it also works to improve your bite. Misaligned bites, either through overbite or underbite, can cause pain you might not even know is related to your teeth, through headaches and muscular pain as well as issues with digestion.

    In this way, braces can have a positive effect on your overall health that goes much deeper than improving your appearance.

    Improve Your Sleep with Orthodontics

    Braces can also help adults who have trouble sleeping or breathing because of the position of their teeth. If you have jaw pain, difficulty chewing, or you grind your teeth at night, it may be connected to bad teeth positioning. In this case, you might require orthodontic treatment such as adult braces.

    Book an appointment with Tony Weir for a

    If you have concerns, the best approach is to book in with an experienced and professional orthodontist for an individual consultation.

    If you can’t wait to get started on your dream smile, book a consultation with a professional orthodontist at Tony Weir Orthodontics . We will be able to examine your teeth and jaw, and then advise you of the best treatment plan for you.

    Your orthodontist will help you determine the proper course of action to not only give you a more beautiful smile, but a properly functioning one that lasts a lifetime. Call 07 3278 1492 or contact us online to make an appointment today.

  • Common Concerns Surrounding Adult Braces

    Getting braces as an adult can be almost as daunting as when you are a teenager. You might be worried about how orthodontics will affect your career or social life, as traditional braces will cause a temporary change in your appearance.

    However, temporary is the key here – and this change will lead to a significant improvement in your appearance as well as your own sense of self-confidence.

    Adult looking great with clear braces

    With so many advancements in orthodontics, braces are far less visible these days, with some braces being virtually invisible to others! In this article, we take a look at the common concerns adults have about getting braces to help you decide whether to go ahead with orthodontic work.

    Are You Worried about the Appearance of Braces?

    The most common concern adults have with braces is thinking that they will create the classic “metal mouth” appearance.

    This is more commonly found on children and teenagers but might be more surprising on an adult. Today’s braces are a lot more visually appealing than in past years, with a range of colour options for both the brackets and the elastics, including tooth-coloured options. You can also look into less noticeable orthodontic options such as Invisalign “invisible braces” or lingual braces .

    Lingual braces which are just like conventional braces except the brackets and wires are attached to the back of your teeth instead of the front. With these less visible orthodontic treatment options, your work colleagues and friends won’t even know your braces are there!

    Worried About the Cost of Adult Braces?

    Another concern that many adults have is the financial cost of braces. While orthodontic treatment can seem like a significant outlay, many dentists are affiliated with private health funds to assist you with the cost of adult braces. Investing money in treatment now can also save you money later.

    Adults who haven’t paid enough attention to their teeth often pay financially later in life, when they need expensive crowns or bridges to repair their smile.

    Discuss Adult Braces with an Experienced Orthodontist

    If you’re still unsure about getting adult braces, remember – if Tom Cruise and Faye Dunaway can do it in their 40s and 60s, so can you. Even Beyonce has worn braces and been proud to do so!

    At Tony Weir Orthodontics , a qualified orthodontist will be able to provide an expert opinion and treatment plan for you. We offer a wide range of professional orthodontic treatments for adults, helping you achieve a more confident, beautiful smile.

    If you’d like to find out more about options for adult braces, call 07 3278 1492 or contact us online to book an appointment.

  • Things to Consider before Your First Orthodontist Appointment

    Your first orthodontic consultation should be about discussing your treatment options and seeing if you feel comfortable with the solutions on offer. It is also a chance to get to know the dental team and their clinic environment.

    By doing your homework before your first orthodontist appointment, you can ensure that you’re getting the best results from your consultation. Here are some factors to consider before you sit down with your new orthodontist, so you can work together to achieve the best treatment possible.

    young woman with an orthodontist

    Choosing the Right Orthodontist

    Choosing the best orthodontist to straighten your teeth is the key to achieving a smile that you’ll be happy with for the rest of your life. There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of time and money on dental treatments that don’t work as expected or don’t last as long as they should.

    Many people who have worn braces in the past need to have a second round of braces or further orthodontic work to realign teeth all over again. Do your research. Read through Brisbane orthodontist websites and look at online reviews, as well as smile galleries to see results on real patients.

    Exploring Your Options for Orthodontic Treatment

    At your first appointment, your orthodontist should make sure you’re clear about your treatment needs. They should also ensure that you understand the different options you have for achieving a straight smile. Orthodontic solutions aren’t one fit for all patients.

    These days, there are many different types of braces to choose from. While traditional metal braces are still very popular, there are other less visible options that could be more suitable for your lifestyle, such as lingual braces or invisible braces . Talk to your orthodontist and learn more about the range of services they provide.

    Orthodontics for Children

    If you’re booking an orthodontics appointment for your teenager or child, make sure the orthodontist offers paediatric services. It is recommended that children see an orthodontist at around age 7 when all permanent teeth should have developed.

    Having an orthodontic consultation at this age allows problems to be resolved early, reducing the amount of time the child will need to wear braces in the future or eliminating the need for braces altogether. Make sure you talk to an orthodontist who specialises in children’s dental needs.

    Book an Appointment with a Brisbane Orthodontist

    At Tony Weir Orthodontics , you’ll be able to discuss orthodontic solutions and treatment options with an experienced and professional team that has an outstanding history of client satisfaction.

    Call 07 3278 1492 or contact us online to make an appointment today.

  • The Science Behind Braces

    Dental braces are still the most popular choice for people bringing crooked teeth or misaligned bites into line and improving people’s appearance and self-confidence in the process.

    But have you ever wondered how braces work to straighten teeth? In this article, we look at how dental braces work and the ways in which each component of braces work together to straighten your teeth.

    How Do Braces Work?

    There are many different forms of braces these days, with traditional metal and wire braces still proving a very effective and popular option for straightening teeth. Traditional braces use a combination of brackets and wires attached to the front of your teeth.

    The brackets grip onto your teeth while the wires are loosened or tightened. Together, each of these components works to move your teeth into the desired position and achieve a healthier, more attractive smile.

    What Are Braces Made from?

    Traditional braces are generally made from metal or stainless steel, with the brackets made from materials of different types, including plastic, metal, ceramic or a combination.

    Some orthodontists also offer tooth-coloured brackets, providing a far less visible and more discreet appearance than the conventional metal type. Clear braces are generally made of porcelain composite or plastic.

    How Long Do Braces Take to Work?

    Many people also wonder about the length of time that braces need to be worn for before they will see a result. Your treatment time will depend on your existing mouth structure and how far your teeth need to be moved. After all, each person’s teeth and jaw are different.

    Some cases will take only a few months while others can take years. Your orthodontist will also take into account such factors as your age and health, as adult patients may require longer treatments due to denser jaw bones.

    Generally speaking, traditional braces take between 6 and 24 months to straighten teeth while the Invisalign treatment may be faster. When you speak to your orthodontist, they will outline your treatment options and expected treatment times.

    Want More Information About How Braces Work?

    Take a look through our smile gallery to see the results that can be achieved through braces. Interested in getting started on straightening your teeth?

    Talking to an experienced and professional dentist is always the best way to determine the right treatment option for your smile.

    If you’d like to discuss your options for orthodontics, book an appointment with the team at Tony Weir Orthodontics . Simply call 07 3278 1492 or contact us online .

  • Invisalign for Teenagers – No Train Tracks

    If your teenager is worried about crooked teeth but is also reluctant to get braces, you might want to consider looking into the Invisalign orthodontic treatment. With teenagers often being self-conscious about their looks, they can put up quite a fight against wearing “train track” braces for a year or more.

    While on the one hand, they want a straight and perfect smile, they probably don’t want to go through the pain or experience of wearing braces.

    a female teenager holding removable Invisalign aligners

    This can make things tricky for parents who want their child’s teeth and jaws to be in the best position for good dental health for life. Invisalign can straighten your smile without unsightly metal braces, and can even be removed for special occasions like school formals or 18 th birthday parties.

    If you are the parent of a teenager who requires braces, this article will help you determine if Invisalign for your teen is a good option.

    How Does Invisalign Work?

    Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable aligners that work like clear braces worn over the teeth. Your teenager will get all the benefits of braces without the pain or metal mouth nicknames.

    Throughout the Invisalign treatment, your child will change their plastic aligners every two weeks. Their teeth will continually move into a straighter position until they have a more beautiful smile.

    How Long Does Invisalign Take?

    The average duration of Invisalign treatment is about one year, but it can vary from patient to patient depending on their existing teeth and jaw positions and how far the teeth will need to move.

    Your child will need to visit their orthodontist every 6 to 8 weeks for regular adjustments and to check on their progress.

    Why Choose Invisalign over Traditional Braces?

    The benefits of choosing Invisalign to straighten your teenager’s teeth include:

    • An almost invisible treatment solution – teenagers will feel comfortable smiling and talking, even when wearing their aligners
    • Less pain than traditional braces, which have been known to cause more pain and irritation to the mouth than Invisalign
    • Invisalign aligners are removable, allowing you to remove them when eating certain types of food that can be more difficult to eat, as well as to brush, floss and for special occasions
    • Fewer orthodontist visits, as opposed to the more frequent 3-4 weeks between visits for traditional braces
    • Invisalign uses 3D imaging technology to map out your treatment. This allows parents and children to see a simulation showing how the teeth will look after a few months of treatment

    Does Invisalign sound like the perfect solution and compromise for your teenager? At Tony Weir Orthodontics , we are a platinum level Invisalign partner, allowing us to provide your teenage son or daughter with the highest quality orthodontic treatment in Brisbane.

    Make an appointment for your teenager to see if Invisalign is the right solution for their straighter smile. Call the dental clinic on 07 3278 1492 or contact us online .

  • A Guide to Having Braces as an Adult

    As orthodontic technology has advanced, braces have become increasingly popular for adults wanting to straighten their teeth later in life. With a wider range of orthodontic options to fit in with your lifestyle, there’s no better time to get that perfect smile that you have always dreamed of.

    At Tony Weir Orthodontics , we understand that as an adult, the thought of wearing braces can be daunting. But you may not be aware of the discreet or clear aligners that are available with modern orthodontics. Let’s look at some of these treatment solutions for adults wanting to straighten their teeth, with 3 of the most effective and popular options for braces.

    Traditional Braces – Effective Teeth Straightening

    When most adults think about braces, they’ll visualise a type of orthodontic treatment that uses metal brackets and wire to pull teeth back into place. These are traditional braces , which are still an incredibly effective orthodontic device for misaligned or crooked teeth.

    Traditional braces are a suitable treatment option for anyone over the age of 7, the age when most children will have all their permanent teeth.

    Invisalign – Invisible, Discreet Teeth Straightening

    Adults also have the option of choosing invisible braces such as Invisalign, which differ greatly in appearance and use from traditional braces. Instead of wire and metal brackets, the Invisalign solution uses a series of clear removable orthodontic aligners that fit over the teeth, somewhat similar to a mouthguard.

    The benefits of choosing Invisalign to straighten your teeth include:

    • A discreet, invisible alternative to metal braces
    • Less painful than traditional braces
    • You can remove them whenever you need to
    • Less trips to the orthodontist
    • Invisalign technology allows you to see results before you start

    Lingual Braces – Attached to the Back of Your Teeth

    Lingual braces are also an alternative to traditional braces, using the same system of brackets and wires but attached to the back of your teeth instead of the front. Lingual braces are invisible most of the time. This makes them an attractive solution for adults who are looking to straighten their teeth but are self-conscious about the look of visible braces.

    Lingual braces also have less of an impact on your appearance overall, as they don’t affect the natural contour of your lips. With a treatment time that is the same or faster compared to traditional braces, lingual braces are a very good option for those wanting the results of regular braces without any impact on their work or social life.

    Book Your Consultation with Brisbane’s Best Orthodontist

    If you regret not having your teeth straightened as a child or teenager, it’s not too late to take the initiative and do it yourself. Take a look at our smile gallery to see the amazing results braces have brought to some of our patients and schedule an appointment with an experienced orthodontist to get started on your straighter smile.

    At Tony Weir Orthodontics we are specialists in a range of orthodontic treatments for adults, including traditional braces , lingual braces and invisible braces . If you’re interested in finding out more about straightening your teeth, call us on 07 3278 1492 or contact us online .

  • Infographic: Invisalign vs Braces

    Find out at a glance the core differences between Invisalign and braces in our latest infographic, packed full of facts and figures.

    Invisalign is comfortable, see-through and removable — it might just be right for you or your child.

    Infographic - Invisalign vs Braces

  • How To Make Your Child’s Braces Treatment… Fun!

    Tips To Make Your Child’s Braces Treatment Fun Tips To Make Your Child’s Braces Treatment Fun

    Help make the most out of your child’s braces treatment…

    During your child’s braces treatment they may feel a little self-conscious at times, most often the beginning of the treatment can take some getting used to. This adjustment time should be handled carefully, and with the following tips it can be a fun experience. At Tony Weir Orthodontics in Greenslopes and Corinda we will do everything we can to ensure your braces appointments are fun and exciting.

    Coloured bands on your brackets…

    During your child’s treatment let their personality shine with different colours available for the bands on the brackets. Your appointments for tightening and any readjusting will occur approximately every eight months which means the colours can be suited to a particular holiday or special occasion.

    Become a smoothie connoisseur…

    At the beginning of your child’s treatment and often after tightening appointments you child’s mouth can be tender and sore. Try to make this period a little more enjoyable by incorporating fun foods into your diet. The following list is some ideas that are filling and soothing for mouth:

    • Smoothies, try to stick to recipes low in sugar, we still want to ensure we are maintaining good oral health, only with extra comfort
    • Soup, the warm and smooth texture of soup can be used as a full meal and it’s easy to eat!
    • Apple sauce, this is a great snack that taste great and is easy to eat!

    It’s important to remember that there are foods such as corn, chicken wings and hard sweets that should be avoided with braces, but if you can come up with some creative ideas to make meal time braces friendly this can make the treatment that much more fun and exciting.

    Look forward to achieving a straight smile…

    Braces treatment should be an exciting time, you are preparing your mouth to achieve a straight smile, and this is exciting! While treatment time is different for each individual most people keep their braces on for 12-15 months, which is not long considering you are gaining a lifetime of straight smiles. Get your child excited about having straight teeth and before you know it their treatment will done!

    Remember braces are for everyone at any age; consider getting braces with your kids…

    Why not share this experience with your kids; there is no limit on the age you can straighten teeth so making it a family affair can always be a bonding experience for the both of you. At Tony Weir Orthodontics we offer virtually invisible treatment options that may work best for mum and dad.

    Our orthodontic treatments include:

    • Traditional Braces (metal braces)
    • Lingual Braces (braces behind your teeth)
    • Invisalign (clear plastic aligners)
    • Removable Appliances
    • Elastics

    Dr Tony Weir will assess you or your child’s mouth to determine what treatment is best suited. He will take into account your lifestyle and oral health and establish the best treatment option for you. At Tony Weir Orthodontics, we want our patients to have the best care possible and the best results. This is why we have invested in the most up-to-date technology. We have technology like heat-activated wires, which let you control the tension moving your teeth at an optimal rate. This means adjustment visits can now be made up to eight weeks apart, leaving you more time to enjoy your life and less time in the dental chair.

    Remember having braces is the first step to achieving your ideal smile and the ideal smile for your children. Making the experience fun can be a great way to pass the treatment time quickly.