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Brisbane Mouthguards for Braces patients

Playing any form of sports, contact or non-contact, can increase your risk of an orofacial injury by up to 56%. Sports should not be avoided because of this fact, but every care should be taken to minimize risk.

Mouthguards are an important piece of sports equipment. For contact, sports mouthguards are a necessity, but for people with braces or orthodontic special needs, a mouthguard can also be important when playing non-contact sports.

There are many different styles of mouthguard available. From cheap and convenient options that are sold through sports shops and chemists to high-quality custom-made mouthguards. Which option you choose depends on the sport you will be playing as well as how highly you value your teeth!

For people with braces, cheap, at-home alternatives are not as convenient as they may seem. Forming a mouthguard around the brackets and wires of your braces can be frustrating, especially when you only have a limited amount of time to mould the mouthguard – which is the case with the boil-and-mould mouthguards.

Furthermore, your mouthguard needs to accommodate the brackets and wires of your braces while still providing enough room for the movement of your orthodontic treatments. Your custom mouthguard, prepared by an orthodontist, will allow for adjustments to your braces without the need for a new mouthguard every time.

For non-contact sports, custom mouthguards can still be effective for those with braces as the mouthguard can often prevent soft tissue damage caused by excessive friction against wires and brackets during high-intensity activity.

Tony Weir Orthodontics routinely fit custom mouthguards for people with braces. Our process is smooth, simple, and performed expertly by an orthodontic professional using high-quality laboratory services. If you are interested in sourcing a custom mouthguard for yourself or your child, then contact our friendly team today to book an appointment!


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